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A Connected Web file is a JSON or JSONP encoded file with one of the following extensions:

JSONP support is mandatory and it's used to allow client side cross domain requests, granting aggregation trough browsers without using a server. To enable JSONP the feed must accept the callback GET parameter and return the JSON formatted with padding.

Each Connected Web file consists in a multidimensional associative array and relies on a specific format and structure.

The internet media type of Connected Web are application/connectedweb+json for the JSON verison and application/connectedweb+jsonp for the JSONP version.

File types

There are two main types of Connected Web files:

  • feed: contains a list of contents which can be parsed by a reader, e.g.: articles, pictures, videos…
  • source: includes all the information of the source of a content_list file. It's used to help content readers to index properly Connected Web's feeds public sources.


The following diagram represents the structure hierarchy of a connected web file:

Content List File => Contents => Body Elements => Objects.
   - Source File

Understand a Source file
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