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Contents define the main part of a Content List file. They are the articles, images, videos... included in the file.

Each content has a body part which is an array of one or multiple Body Elements. For instance, to publish just a photo, its enough to insert an unique Image Element as the body of the content. To publish an article with multple photos in its text, the body can contain first of all a Text Element, then a Image Element and then another Text Element and so on. In the way a file parser can instantaneously distingish the type of data and deliver it in the bast way.


Optional parameters are indicated as "(Optional)".

Parameter Meaning Notes
title (string) (optional) The title of the content.
  • For an article it is the title of the article; for an image it can be the attached comment/post with the image.
pubDate (int) The publication date for the content.
  • Must be an Unix timestamp - in seconds.
description (string) (optional) The description of the content.
  • For an article it is a short summary of its content.
  • If left empty, some Connected Web parsers will maybe use the text of the first Text Element (if present) as description of the content.
url (string) (optional) The url of the content.
  • To open the original content.
body (array of body_elemets) The body of the content.
img (array of image_objects) (optional) The thumbnail image of the content.
  • This parameters is necessary to specify a thumbnail of, for example, an article. It's not necessary when the content is a photo or gallery. Photo or gallery data are declared using an image or gallery body element.
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