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Use case

Renders a link.


Optional parameters are indicated as "(Optional)".

Parameter Meaning Notes
type (string) The type of body element.
  • Must be link
data (object)
  • value (string) = the url or id of the link.
  • type (string) (optional) = the type of link.
  • title (string) (optional) = the title of the link.
  • description (string) (optional) = the description of the link.
  • img (image_object) (optional) = the preview image of the link.
The data of the element.
  • Supported types:
    • youtube: renders a YouTube video.
  • When a type is specified, it's possible to indicate directly an id to display the content of that type of link instead of its url. For instance, for YouTube contents it can be directily specified the id of the video to display instead of the entire url of the page of the video.
  • If no type is specified, the link is parsed as a generic one.
  • This parameter requires a Connected Web Image Object. See the Object > Image documentation to understand more.
Continue to the File Body Element definition


    "type": "link",
    "data": {
        "type": "generic",
        "value": "",
        "title": "Connected Web",
        "description": "Use Connected Web to publish contents and help third party platforms to aggregate and distribute your data in the most efficient way.",
        "img": {
            "url": "",
            "width": 250,
            "height": 250
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