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Body Elements > Advertising

Use case

Renders an Ad static banner.


Optional parameters are indicated as "(Optional)".

Parameter Meaning Notes
type (string) The type of body element.
  • Must be advertising
data (object)
  • type (string) = the type of banner to display.
  • img (image_object) = the image to show as the Ad banner.
  • url (string) = the url to show once the user has clicked on the banner.
  • caption (string) = a caption/slogan to show with the banner.
  • targets (array) (optional) = a list of tags to help to understand to which kind of people the Ad is targeted.
  • semantic_hide (boolean) (optional) = allows to hide the Ad to interest-unmatched users.
The data of the element.
  • Supported types:
    • compact: 300x150px / jpg.
    • extended_compact: 320x280px / jpg.
    • square: 250x250px / jpg.
    • leaderboard: 600x100px / jpg.
    • extended_leaderboard: 600x150px / jpg.
  • If semantic_hide is set to true, Connected Web parsers are allowed to hide the Ad to interest-unmatched users in order to remove clutters. This parameter will be avluated only if the targets parameter is set.
  • To support HDPI screen, images should be included at twice the specified resolution.
  • This parameter requires a Connected Web Image Object. See the Object > Image documentation to understand more.


    "type": "advertising",
    "data": {
        "type": "extended_leaderboard",
        "img": {
            "url": ""
        "caption": "Move to Connected Web! Say goodby to old RSS or Atom feeds.",
        "url": ""
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